Women’s Gestures of Attraction



Misunderstanding between a man and a woman can be avoided if you know “each other’s body language”. And it is no secret that a misunderstanding of male and female behavior leads to emotional conflicts and spiritual devastation. Indeed, in the sexual gestures of women and men there are sexual characteristics. If a man, as a rule, wants to please one particular woman, then a woman often wants to please all men present. But women still need to remember that men’s observational skills are not high, so not all her gestures will speak with the subconscious of a man. I want to remind you once again, dear ladies, when you become inactive and squeezed, you become invisible to the eyes of men.

Therefore, fill the “dance” of the plastic of your body with energy and improvisation, which will increase your sex appeal and sharpen the attention of men. There are a lot of sexual gestures, but in this “dance” of the body there is a place for your fantasy. It is all about being open and honest. Therefore, cheeky, vulgar women, while attracting the attention of men, will not wake a predator in him. Therefore, dear young ladies, your attractiveness lies in sexual equilibrium. If you smiled at a man, started talking, then surely there are such individuals that are going think: “This woman is interested me, I’m so seductive, she wants sex with me.” Often men think that if a woman flirts with them, it means she promises something. They see flirting by a woman as a kind of commitment that she has to pay up in the near future. It is not true, try avoiding men that get all too excited by just simple act of contacting with a woman.

Flirting is just an acquaintance training, albeit a bit sexually colored, this is just an acquaintance game and may not end with anything. A woman flirts with every man in the first minutes of communication; it’s like a test to see if a man is worth her attention. You can flirt when talking with an unfamiliar man, on a joint trip, even at work, and in the family with your husband it is just necessary. Do you want to have a happy relationship? Then be sure to check out the following list of the best relationship books for couples!

Gestures are at the key of this process, they express you like nothing else.

I want to give you some examples of gestures of sex appeal:

  • touching and shaking the hair, twisting it on your finger, playing with curls,
  • periodically raising the head, and then gently tilting it to the side while exposing the neck,
  • languid glance, sneak, then suddenly a long intimate look eye to eye, then lower your eyelids and look to the side (“flirt”),
  • a slightly open mouth, on which a smile plays, and a slender row of white teeth is visible,
  • wet painted lips, demonstratively coloring them, which will especially attract the attention of a man to your mouth,
  • a demonstration of the smooth delicate skin of your wrists, when the pulse gives out your excitement and passion,
  • playing with a shoe with your toe when the toe of a shoe or the tip of the knee is aimed at the man you are interested in,
  • serpentine movements of relaxed arms along the lines of the hips, waist, breasts, he sees how you feel, and is sensually associated with these stroking movements
  • interlacing of legs, in which they seem to line up on one line, aimed at the object of your interest,
  • while walking, the back is straight, straightened, the chest is straight forward, hips thigh rhythmically,
  • legs are slightly apart, regardless of your position, stand or sit,
  • quiet low sexy voice, inquisitively whispering something in the ear of a man,
  • in a sitting position, one leg is folded under itself, which conveys – you feel comfortable in his presence,
  • penetration into the zone of intimacy of the man to whom you have an interest in, and when talking, lean close to him,
  • play with cylindrical objects: a glass leg, a knife, a cigarette,

in front of a mirror in front of a man, straighten your collar, fix your hair, just look at yourself in the mirror.