What animals would look like if they had eyes at front

A reddit user came up with the idea of what animals would look like if they had eyes at front. He uploaded a pigeon. It was a pigeon with eyes on the front of its head rather than as normal ones. Enlivened by this, Mashable thought of more amusing Photoshops of creatures with eyes where they shouldn’t be, and now we’ve chosen to develop this option set of all animals significantly further. Be that as it may, the rundown isn’t finished until you’ve sent us your own particular pictures, so put those Photoshop abilities to great utilize and send us your absolute best creature rotations!

#1 Shark. Not so scary anymore


#2 Pigeon. He looks like he finally understands all the poop he’s been leaving on my car every morning!


#3 Goat. Have you ever realized they have such a large forehead before?


#4 Giraffe. A sad giraffe.


#5 Dolphin. Damn it’s scary. Scarier than a front eyed shark.


#6 Bunnies aren’t quite so cute when they’re eyeballing you. 


#7 Fawn. (Putin is that you?)


#8 Red Oranda (My life in one image)


And now you are wondering why some animals have eyes that face sideways? Well the reason is simple – survival of the fittest. Animals with front-facing eyes have a greater need to judge depth and distance. Whereas those whose eyes face sideways tend to be prey animals – they need to be able to see predators coming at them from the sides as they graze. So they need peripheral vision.

Comments on reddit were even funnier. Someone wrote: “Looks like every drawing of an animal I ever did as a kid.” Well this is very true.

We thank the reddit user who came up with this brilliant idea. Leave your comments below. How does front eyed animals make you feel?