No sugar please!

Since we are in February, it’s already starting to smell like Valentines.
You might ask how Valentine smells?
Well, welcome in a general short tour on how different people smell V-Day:
The first will be all the single ladies (and gentlemen). For this category, this day smells like “forever alone”, like “crap, i forgot to get a boyfriend/girlfriend”, it smells like “yeah, whatever” and mostly like the kind of food you don’t want your mom to cook on Sunday.


The second category are our lovely couples. Aww, yeah let’s go on!
To them it smells like over-priced flowers, like “we don’t need valentine to celebrate love”. It smells like “if I open my wallet i might start crying”, like “omg #soinlove #selfiewithbae” and like “let’s kiss in public like it’s the last day on earth” (no hard feelings guys).


You don’t find yourself in the above categories? So don’t worry, I have one special one for you my black sheep.
The “Is this even a real holiday” category is a piece of art. To them it smells like delusion, like fraud, like fake. It smells like “Why should they even…?” and like “Wtf is happening on mother earth?”


And finally, how does it smell to me?
Well, for one thing it doesn’t bother me. I think the world needs this smell of love and flowers for just one day. It’s good to be reminded that something nice happens between people this day (if you know what I mean…).
But at the other hand I’m not exactly the valentine-y type of person. I guess I like valentine how I like my coffe: with no sugar, please.


And so this is how our little tour on “How valentine smells?” ends.
Since most of the people consider it a celebration, I think we should make an agreement that it should smell nice for the sake of the “holiday itself” and for the sake of father Valentine who died marrying people (so later they could get divorced).


P.S. You know what they say: Make love not war, gifts are cheaper than guns. 😉


Author: Romina Begaj | Read more from her