Girl Minion Image Collection

Even though there is no official Girl Minion character there are a lot of fan made designs of girl minions. have collected the best images there are in the internet.

Girl Minion

Well crafted Girl Minion. We don’t know the author of this image but we thank him very much. Well done sir/madam.

Girl Minion 3

Yeah, that’s right. It’s not really a Girl Minion. It’s Dave in pink and long eyelashes. Well this surely does the trick. It looks totally like a girl.

Girl Minion 4

Here is another Girl by duythanhdeviantart. Well done.

Girl Minion 5

No it’s not a girl. Well played

Girl Minion 5

Dave with long hair. Totally not a girl.

Well the fans have made their effort to bring girl minions. Do you think there should be girls among minions or the movie is doing just fine?