Dad Refused To Give Speech At Daughter’s Wedding. Instead He Spent An Entire Year Planning Unbelievable Gift.

Dad Refused To Give Speech: This is one of the most special wedding gifts we have ever seen.  Rarely does anyone hold a more important place in someone’s life than a father does for a daughter. And this video is the epitome of that bond.

Nicole Cortez is the bride in this video. Normally, a father would give a speech at a reception.  But in this case, Nicole’s sweet dad surprised her by performing “I Loved Her First” by Heartland.  However, the performance was unlike most you will ever see.

About the event Nicole said, “At my wedding reception my dad surprises my new husband and I by signing a beautiful song. I am a sign language interpreter so this meant the world to me. He said it took him the entire year I was engaged to learn how to sign this song.”  An entire year!  That is dedication.

Notice the emotions and deep breaths of joy that Nicole and her husband take…and at the end, the sweet smiles of love that pervade the entire family.

Our takeaway: plan something special for a loved one.  It might take up a lot of your time, but loving someone well is always worth it.
Source: InspireMore