A Woman Will Leave You Even Though She Loves You – Here’s What Every Man Needs To Know

Even though women feel terrible about it, they do leave the man they love. Even if it hurts they leave. They will find the force within themselves to leave the man they may have build a future with.

There are many reasons they leave but there is one important reason, and cheating has nothing to do with it.

He is not present in her life, she leaves. 

He may be gaming, watching tv, going out… the list can go long.

Some of these man are good fathers. I’m not trying to say they are bad. They love their family. However, they take their wife for granted and that’s a huge mistake.

I know it may sound strange, but this is the reality. Don’t mistake her for a property, she is your wife. She owns you nothing. She has all the right to leave you if she is not content by the relationship. This is why you should not take her for granted.

You have to fight for her day by day. Be present. She needs to know that you are and will always be there for her. She needs to know that you were born for her. She wants you to stay dedicated to her. You may think these are small things but no. You have never been more wrong.

She wants to feel your presence. Be passionately intimate with her. She wants you to desire her.

Listen to her.

She loves it. Look at her, don’t wonder around. She wants you to see her as if she was the most beautiful woman you have ever seen.

Be curious about her, ask about her day.

Give her full attention, be present. Pay attention to all the sensations you get when you hold her hands. Try to understand what her presence means to you. How do you feel? Does anything change in your body? This is known as mindfulness. Be more of this kind.

Never say you don’t have time for her. You can’t be busy with other things. You should be able to find 15 minutes from your day to be completely open and honest with her.

Staying in a relationship without presence is meaningless to her. She will get tired and eventually leave you.