15 Things You’ll Notice When You’re In The Presence Of An Empath

You are in line at the local grocery store and suddenly the person behind you starts to open their heart to you.

You feel an instant connection with them and can’t help but experience their experience alongside with them, well, because they are human.

You have probably noticed a friend who feels a lot more than others. Have you ever wondered why? She/He probably is an empath.

An empath has a lot of friends, they sharpen a magnetism that immediately draws people towards them. It’s not because of how they look–it’s more.

An empath does not only feel what other people feel, but they absorb it, too.

The best definition of Empathy comes from Brené Brown:

“Empathy is… communicating that incredibly healing message of, ‘You’re not alone’ “.

Here are 16 signs that make you an  Empath:

1. People often call them “too emotional” or “too sensitive”.

People make it look like it’s a bad thing, but how can being sensitive and connected to the experience of the human heart.

In a world that continuously feels less, we are in immediate need of sensitivity. So, being sensitive is a gift and next time someone says that to intimidate you just take it as a compliment.

2. Don’t you ever lie to them, they really hate it.

You can try to lie to them, but they will sense it.

Empaths don’t really understand the necessity of lying because they understand human nature perfectly. Lying will break an Empaths heart.

3. They see a negative image and they feel directly impacted.

Empaths can’t just view negative images or read something bad and just forget about them. They would avoid news or stories about heartbreak at any cost.

4. They don’t feel so good in crowds

One of empath’s unusual trait is that they are amphibious in nature – they are both extroverts and introverts.

After being around so many people and while taking so much energy from the crowd, the sensitivity they have towards the emotions of the people in the crowd will leave them exhausted.

5. They help others and they feel happy about it

You know that feeling you get when you know you are being helpful to some other human. That’s the true sense of happiness.

Another human needs help, an empath is that person who will stop whatever they’re doing to help. When the circumstances call, they will be there.

6. They will caution before taking another cup of coffee or medicine.

Caffeine tends to increase agitation or anxiety. Empaths react differently to these kind of stimulants. Also, they avoid using medication because of the almost same reaction to them.

7. They will never be someone they are not.

Empaths embrace the good and the bad in them. They never put a false front because they don’t see any reason why. They are raw and painstakingly honest.

They know they are bad and they work on it. That’s why empaths are always in search for the true friendship.

8. They know life has been hard on you and they feel it too

Empaths are deeply connected to everyone. So, when someone is going through a bad time in their life empaths feel it too.

9. They also care about animals

Empaths don’t considers animals as “pets”. They consider them family.

They would never visit a zoo because animals shouldn’t be kept in cages. They must be free.

10. Being emotionally and physically exhausted is normal to them.

Some empaths know how to manage the weight of other people’s feelings. At the end of the day will be free of that weight but it is still exhausting.

For other empaths, it will take more time to learn how to cope with this but eventually they will succeed.

11. They are born to give advice.

Empaths are very good listeners, and they listen to everything you say. They see the world through your eyes.

That it the reason you should never ignore an empaths advice. They are totally invested in your success and well being. Nothing they say is waste of breath.

12. They get distracted easily.

Don’t you? Empaths pay attention to every detail and even something small may take attract their attention.

They will notice the sad eyes of a child, a couple fighting and the alone girl in the corner. You know what i’m saying…

Working on a coffee shop for an empath would be a nightmare, for the boss.

13. They will never get along with a narcissist.

An empath notices a narcissist, he will just flee. Narcissists are the one kind of people an empath will never help. They know it is a waste of time.

14. They are an above-average listener.

Be assured, while talking to an empath, his focus will be on your words. You will not have to worry about their eyes wondering around while you speak.

Also you can trust the words of an empath because they don’t judge you will you tell them your story.

15. They have a strange effect on electronics.

What? That’s true. Empaths can cause disruption in electrical currents. It’s normal for an empath to experience strange computer glitches, a fast draining battery, or things like that.


If you know an empaths, you should consider yourself a lucky person.

Don’t forget. The next time someone calls you hyper sensitive or their gadgets don’t work when they are near you just remember that you are amazing and understanding and helping humans.

Be happy with your gift.