10 Signs Which Show That You Are Demisexual

Demisexuality is a mix between sexuality and asexuality. It shows us a beautiful new way of looking on how someone perceives sex and sexual connection with others.

Those people who do not experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone are considered as demisexuals.

Do you see yourself in this category of people? Here are some signs that show that you may be demisexual.

1. You don’t rush into relationships before establishing a solid friendship

For you it’s more important to see your potential partner, first of all, as a good friend. You also think that there should be a strong emotional attachment between two individuals before the go any further on their relationship.

2. You don’t necessarily get turned on by the idea of sex

Some individuals to get excited to the thought of having sex with someone they’re attracted to. In your mind this physical bond is the result of a strong emotional attraction, not vice versa. You would like more the idea of sleeping together and cuddle than having sex with them.

3. The idea of one-night stands absolutely grosses you out

The way people find pleasure in something that doesn’t involve any emotion, but only the pleasure they take on the physical act, completely grosses you out.

4. You find it difficult to understand your friends when it comes to love and sex

Your point of view on the relationship doesn’t help you understand your friends in these matters. For you it’s really weird how they think these lustful and physical acts are pretty normal.

5. You don’t find sex as so much important

For you sex it’s not that important in a relationship and it doesn’t have to happen often. The thought that some people can’t see their relationship without active sex doesn’t feel right to you. You don’t think sex it’s the most important thing in a relationship. Non-recurring sex wouldn’t be a problem for you.

6. Personality turns you on more than looks

What you find attractive in people is their personalities. Even if one person has the face of an angel it doesn’t matter to you. If they lack the ability to establish an intelligent conversation and show their emotions, you don’t find them attractive in any way.

7. Liking someone for you is never a small thing

It’s not easy for you to grow a romantic interest for someone. That’s simply because you want to dig deeper, and once you do it’s not a small thing anymore. You never take your feelings lightly because you know they are inspired by a genuine connection.

8. You don’t run away from commitment

If you start a relationship with someone, you’re ready to give everything your have. Commitment is something essential in a relationship and you consider it as some sort of privilege to be with a person you can fully commit to.

9. You don’t really like flirting

You don’t like this kind of approach to relationships. Going out in bars and night clubs to search for potential partners it’s not your thing. Your relationships are a result of friendships that grow naturally.

10. ‘Adult movies’ are definitely not your thing

You don’t feel anything when watching this things who lack of any emotional value and connection. How two people can engage in a sexual relationship without first feeling emotionally connected to each other. – well you do when it comes to these movies, but you get it.